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Teaching Studio


                                                                                    Work Stations

                                                                                 The layout design is to
                                                                                 ensure all are in sight,
                                                                                 with  the  maximum

                                                                                 number of participants
                                                                                 being six.

        No experience required to learn how to make rings,
        pendants,  earrings  and  bangles.  By  the  end  of  the

        course  you  will  be  able  to  take  away  your  own
        handmade pieces. Armed with the starting knowledge
        and skills gained, there is the opportunity to progress
        further by joining our intermediate classes should you

        choose to do so.

        A variety of workshops will also be offered throughout the year offering the
        opportunity to make your own wedding rings.  I can help you recycle your

        old gold if required.


                  Private Tuition

              Private Group Tuition

               Open Group Tuition



                 Supporters Club

           We also offer a repair service
           as  well  as  bespoke  designs
           and undertake commissions.
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